I have had so many wonderful people in my life who have cared for me or offered support or just sent words of encouragement and although I have offered thanks on this blog in the past, it never seems quite adequate. I don’t know that it ever will. I would like everyone to know how humbled I am by all you have given me, but saying thank you just doesn’t seem to take care of things.

But I still say the words, feel the gratitude, hope that people understand that I am ever mindful of what each and every person has done for me. Sometimes it all brings a smile to my face, sometimes it makes me cry, but that gratitude is always with me.

MD Anderson allows transplant patients to send what amounts to an anonymous thank you card to their donor. I was reluctant to even try, frankly, but finally did send a card about two weeks ago. Thank you seems like such a weak thing to offer in response to such a huge gift, but that’s what I wrote and hoped that the donor understands that although my words might be limited, my gratitude is not.

In the last six weeks I have had some excellent care givers whom I’ve not acknowledged here. They all waited on me, as the saying goes, hand and foot. Thank you to Barbara Goodrick, Deb Kirwan, Melissa and Wendy. I know it’s not easy trying to know what to do with someone who doesn’t communicate a lot and stays in bed most of the time. I appreciate all your efforts.



  1. So good to read your message. Played golf today with a woman who had a bone marrow transplant about 4 years ago in Tucson. She confirmed what you have said about being depressed, even though her bmt wasnot as difficult as yours. They harvested her stem cells and the whole process took about 3months. She is sending me an address for a group of bmt people that she uses as support. Thought you might want to contact them so will forward it when I receive it. Each day gets better and I know you will be home in Omaha before Christmas. I, too, am grateful for all your family and friends who have helped you on your road to recovery. They are very special people. Love, Mom


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