This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I never shared it, and as lame as it may make things here seem, I should still share.

You all remember my story about my cell phone making a run for freedom and never looking back (i.e., being turned in). I got quite a few comments about that entry.

A couple of weeks ago, Tracy’s sister Melissa and I were leaving the clinic. As we approached the car, I opened the back door to put in my bag that I carry around and there on the back seat floor was . . . my cell phone. Sigh.

The lost one. The one that I was convinced had tried to escape but in truth had apparently slipped out of my pants pocket and never left the car. Why in the world I retraced every step I took in the hospital trying to find this phone, but never considered thoroughly checking out the car, is a mystery. Or drug induced forgetfulness.

So now I have my old cell phone back. What a wimpy ending.


One thought on “A WIMPY ENDING

  1. 🙂 To know there is someone else like this! Of course I can not blame it on “drug induced forgetfulness” I’ll just blame it on the dozen kids. 🙂



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