I had a bone marrow aspiration done last Friday (11/11) and it shows that there is something in my marrow that is adversely affecting my platelets, but the doctor’s aren’t sure what it is. It could be due to the fact that my donor and I were different blood types and my old blood type is fighting the new blood type. It could still be viral, but the virus is unknown if that is the case. It could be GVHD, (graft v host disease) but it isn’t presenting itself as such. Or, worst case scenario is that I’m rejecting my donor’s marrow. I’m being treated with heavier doses of IVIG (immunoglobulen [sp]) for the next few days.

I’ll keep everyone updated as I find out more.


4 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. Okay, so you look better than the last picture. Yeah, I think I see some hair growing –blonde maybe? Another week and you’re on your way home to Omaha. It’s cold, cold, cold == but it’s home. “Glad you had a happy Thaanksgiving with your family. Love you, Mom


  2. That was supposed to go under your new picture. Sorry, but I refuse to enter the 21st century. Besides, it’s dark in this room and I can’t see the keyboard. That’s my excuse and I stick to it.


  3. I must say that this is not the greatest news but I would love to make a comment about the photo. You goin blond?! You better be! We now get to hit you with all of the blond jokes. It’s payback time! 🙂 Loving it already…..BLONDIE.


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