I’m Coming Home.

I met both with Dr. Duvic and Dr. Hosing today. Dr. Duvic is happy as a proverbial clam. No t-cells, I’ve taken on all the characteristics of my donor and I am cancer free. It’s all good.

Dr. Hosing is pleased that I am finally growing new platelets. In the last 8 or nine days, my platelets have gone from 10 (thousand) to 11, to 19, to 29, to 42. As long as things continue as they have been in the last week, I am excused from Houston Dec. 5. Tracy and I will begin the drive to Omaha on Tuesday, Dec. 6. I can’t begin to describe how happy this makes me. It may still be awhile before I return to my old routine, but I will be home.

Zachary flew to Houston for Thanksgiving and we had a nice family get-together. He made it safely back to Pittsburgh and is preparing for job interviews with Microsoft and Google next week. Wish him luck, although I kinda think he doesn’t need it. Oh, and did I mention I’m going home? 🙂


5 thoughts on “I’m Coming Home.

  1. Wow! That was a quick change. Someone is definitely looking over you. We are all looking forward to your return. See you soon!
    Andrea and the gang:)


  2. Rick – This feels like the NASA moment in every space mission. Chris Kraft, or whoever is in charge now gives ths signal, “Mission accomplished” and they show the control room clapping and whooping after all this time, joyful that it is done. I hope as you drive home next week, crossing each milestone – the Texas border, the Nebraska border, pulling into your own driveway after so long away – I hope you can feel people all over the country stomping, whooping, fist pumping and the long, sustained applause for you and Tracy and Zach. It is a remarkable journey, not over yet, but cancer free.


  3. I’ve told all my bridge, golf and poker friends that you are going home after six months in Houston — cancer free! They all send their cheers and hoorays and said hey will continue praying for you.


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